Music is personal: Let people choose what they listen to!

Why should you let others listen to the music they love? Does music affect us all differently? Learning to respect people’s choices. Let’s talk!

First actual blog post!

Hey Muser’s!

Okay so, there is this thing I see people do that gets to me.

You know how there is so much good music out there these days(not like there hasn’t always been) and everyone has different tastes in music?

Some people get acquainted with a particular kind of music. Some, particular songs and really just stick to it.

Some other’s are versatile, they’d listen to anything. They don’t have a particular kind of music. They go “whatever sounds good to me”.

There are these other group of people, the one’s who constantly talk down other people’s choice of music, I mean spitefully!

I have a problem with people who do that. Here’s why..

I feel like one’s choice of music is really personal. Also, who made anyone a judge of good music?!. I read somewhere that there is no such thing as a bad taste in music, you just do not agree with that person’s music choice. And that made sense. You like jazz, the next person likes hip hop. I guess we all have our reasons.

And because we’re all different people, who attach different meanings to things, what makes you happy, what speaks to you, may not necessarily speak to me, and that is not at all a problem.

You know, it’s different when you try to introduce someone to a particular type of music. You know like, “oh there is this artiste I love, you should listen to her”. It’s just a much better way to do things than literally talking down on people’s choices.

Muser’s, even if someone decides to listen to one artiste his entire life, if you aren’t going to nicely introduce them to what you consider as ‘better music’, then leave it!

Because like I said, music is personal, and as much as you and I may believe in versatility, as much as we may not agree with they person’s kind of music, if listening only to that artiste’s music makes that person happy, then it’s what it is, that wins!

Yes, because life is too short to listen to what you don’t really enjoy, just because you want to seem cool and please a few people.

So yes, today, do what makes you happy. Listen to the music that makes you happy. Be open too, to taking music suggestions from people, to listening to other artistes. Their music might just be one you fall in love with.

And lastly, be nice. I’m sure everyone has at some point, been patronizing about the music others listen to, but can we unlearn it?

You can win souls to what you love without been condescending.

Much love people ­čÖé

*What do you think about today’s thought? What contributions do you have? Have you decided to be nicer in asserting what you like and respecting people’s choices?* Let’s hear it!


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