Airing your opinions about people’s lives; what to consider

What should be learnt is; when it’s not needed, when to stop, when your thoughts should remain as thoughts, when to say less, when to take out time to process that thing you want to say before saying it…

“Unsolicited opinions” opinions not requested for.

This is the era of airing opinions and speaking up on things that don’t sit right with you. It’s the era of “I am entitled to my opinions”. But does that always apply?

What should be learnt is; when it’s not needed, when to stop, when your thoughts should remain as thoughts, when to say less, when to take out time to process that thing you want to say before saying it, when that thing you want to say is hurtful, and ofcourse, how to say things.

That last part is so important because sometimes we are really genuine, we truly want to point that thing out to that person and it’s not borne out of spite. Infact, sometimes that person could use our opinions, but we say it in the most offensive and hurtful way.

There is nothing wrong with being genuine with our thoughts and still deciding to sit down, think again about what you want to say, whether or not you should say it, how you’re going to say it; maybe unfiltered and straightforward but with kind words, with the right words. Words which even if that person does not agree with what you’re saying, it will probably not be taken as offensive, that person can see that it comes from a good place.

Truthfully, sometimes those opinions are just not needed at all. They are not needed because that issue and it’s weight, has nothing to do with you.

In these situations, even if your opinions on that thing or that person is from a pure and genuine place, it should be kept to yourself.

A lot of times, there is no way you are going to say things, that it won’t pass off as invasive or hostile, even judgemental.

It’s possible as humans to actually be genuine about seeing something as wrong, but judgemental without knowing.

Yeah, we very much believe that something is inappropriate, but if we really sit down to think about it, we will realize that that thought on it’s own, is judgemental.

It’s so easy to be critical of people, to judge people, to point all the wrong things out. We’ve all been guilty of this at some point.

That’s why it’s right that whenever we secretly have the worst thoughts about people, we do some self introspection; “Is this thought judgemental? Am I any better? How well do I know that person? Why on earth do I even have a problem with that thing? Are these just my personal biases? Is it really about that person, or me? And lastly, do my opinions matter?

I truly believe that if we all ask ourselves these questions when we think about things, we will say less, our words wouldn’t come off as condescending, we wouldn’t say things that will throw people into depression.

I always think that as long as something does not affect us, as long as whatever that person is doing does not bring harm to us in anyway, then it shouldn’t be a problem to you at all.

Don’t intentionally make it your problem. Stop being toxic in the environment you find yourself, stop being toxic on the internet.

There are way too many important discussions to contribute to than what that person is doing with his/her life.

Yes, there are way too many issues that require opinions than opinions on what that person should or should not be doing with his/her life.

Stop being haughty to people in the name of airing your opinions.

Let’s learn to bridle our tongues, let’s learn how to relate our thoughts if we have to air them.

Much love.

*What do you think about today’s thought? What contributions do you have to give? Do you think otherwise on this subject? What do you think about airing your opinions with people’s feelings and emotions in mind?* Let’s hear it all!

The End

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