Enun’s musings is a place for self expression. If you look around the society, you’ll discover that there are so many discussions that should be had, that aren’t had. Things that affect us all, that we can all relate to, but are mostly considered trivial. Discussions that truthfully, if spoken on will make life and living easier, will make us all more compassionate.

Discussions about peace, human struggles, love, societal ills and just life in general. On here, those conversations will be had in the most informal way.

Enun’s musings is mainly targeted at the self expression of teenagers and youths between ages 15-35. The aim is to see young people get involved in conversations that can effect change in the way we see things, the way we see ourselves, in the way things work. Conversations that alot of us can relate to.

There’s so much good that sharing ideas, learning from people and having people learn from you can do. Somuch good that seeing things from a perspective very different from the way you’ve always seen them can do.

Everyone’s opinions and contributions are very well appreciated. Who knows, your contributions to things may be the answer to someone’s questions or struggles.

Personal note from me!

Hi, I’m Enunosowo. I’m the founder of Enun’s musings. I’d start by saying, my mind is a mayhem. It’s so chaotic, thoughts are constantly running through my mind. It became so intense that I started writing down these thoughts. Whenever I had things on my mind, I’d write it down. It was liberating, and made it possible to arrange my thoughts. And so I decided to start a blog, because I wanted to communicate these thoughts to people and have actual conversations.

On this blog, I will give you my opinions, I will tell you when things don’t seem appropriate to me, I will show confusion, I will show you my stance. But always, I will ask for your opinions too. My mind is open to learning and unlearning, to seeing things from a better perspective, to appreciating people’s contributions.

As I begin this journey with you all, I have to say I’m excited. I ask that we unabashedly express ourselves to the fullest, that this blog becomes a haven for the expression of our thoughts. Thank you!

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