Kindness, niceness; aren’t merely words

"Be nice", "Be kind" have almost become cliches to people; those words you hear all the time. But being careful; being kind with the things you say, the things you do, isn't really something anyone with compassion has to be taught; has to be coerced to do, and everyday we see why kindness is important, why as humans we need eachother; we owe eachother the duty to be kind with our words and actions.

Embracing your imperfect skin

Today's write-up is both a note to self and to everyone out there who goes through, or is currently going through a struggle with their skin. Skin infections are one of the hardest things to go through; it's a confidence crusher. Today, I'm sharing my experiences with skin reactions, and telling you and I to embrace our skins.

Airing your opinions about people’s lives; what to consider

What should be learnt is; when it's not needed, when to stop, when your thoughts should remain as thoughts, when to say less, when to take out time to process that thing you want to say before saying it...

Your difference makes you special; own it

It's so easy to fall under the pressure of being like the next person, to follow a trend you truly care less about. But how about you try being you, being secure in who you are; in liking unpopular music, the weirdest books, the weirdest outfits and bask in the peace and comfort your difference brings you?. Read my write up on this!

My rants about social media- Do you ever just want a break?

This article is just me pointing out the things on social media, I've always thought needed to be addressed, these things that make it so unhealthy and unbearable sometimes. Giving my thoughts on them and how we (who make up the social media space) can do better to make it a healthier place. I'm also giving you a reminder to take a break when you feel exhausted.

Parenthood isn’t for everyone- Do not pressure people!

People fail to understand that being a parent should be a choice one should make. How is parenting one of the most demanding tasks and why should people be free to decide whether or not to get into it? Let's talk! A while back I had an altercation with one of my siblings. Actually, it … Continue reading Parenthood isn’t for everyone- Do not pressure people!

EndSARS Protest: All about it + What to bring/wear to a protest

What is EndSARS?. All about the EndSARS protest, the killings in Nigeria. What to bring/wear to a protest . Hi Muser's It's currently a crazy time for Nigerians. In all honesty, for the first time in my existence, I have seen unity amongst Nigerians like never before. It makes me hopeful that our fight will … Continue reading EndSARS Protest: All about it + What to bring/wear to a protest

Music is personal: Let people choose what they listen to!

Why should you let others listen to the music they love? Does music affect us all differently? Learning to respect people's choices. Let's talk! First actual blog post! Hey Muser's! Okay so, there is this thing I see people do that gets to me. You know how there is so much good music out there … Continue reading Music is personal: Let people choose what they listen to!